Moisture loss is one of the leading causes of skin wrinkles and results in a breakdown of collagen. On average, our skin will lose about 0.5 milligrams per centimeter of skin per hour during the day, and twice that amount or more is lost during the night time. Over eight hours of sleep, that is a loss of about five teaspoons of water!  The amount of water passing through the skin is critical since too much water will macerate the skin and too little will leave the skin hard and dry.

Chemical moisturizers provide a barrier to the skin so the water cannot escape easily, allowing retention of moisture in the outer layer of skin. You know you should wear your moisturizer and wrinkle cream at night, but sometimes you just skip it because the thick, white creams feel uncomfortable. I’ve put my night cream on in the bathroom, shut off the lights, and run to bed in fear of scaring the pants off my husband. A greasy face is not exactly the fantasy vision that men have of a beautiful wife. Then, we try to lie on our backs like a Zombie in the same position all night so the cream doesn’t rub off onto our pillowcase, which is a pretty hard task to accomplish.

Some nights we’re just too tired to put on a cream or simply forget to do it. So how do you prevent moisture loss at night without dealing with messy creams? Many people think silk, satin, or charmeuse pillowcases help smooth the skin, which may be true when comparing them to cotton. However, these pillowcases all wick moisture away from the skin at high levels. What if there was a fabric that provided the same moisture retaining effects as an anti-wrinkle cream? JuveTex, formulated by award winning scientist, skin physiologist and author of Advanced Professional Skin care, Dr. Peter Pugliese could be the best, most advanced solution for facial rejuvenation and the treatment of aging skin.

The DreamSkin Beauty Pillowcase with JuveTex fabric was created with ultimate softness and moisture technology in mind. There are NO chemicals in the fabric, but “the secret is in the threads.” The formulation is an eco-friendly, proprietary weave pattern and each yarn is a specific weight and type to provide the exact amount of water proof surface to reduce water loss and repair dry, damaged facial skin. The skin is the largest organ in the body and the future of skin and hair care is here now through science and rejuvenation.

The DreamSkin Beauty Pillowcase naturally moisturizes by helping to retain moisture in the skin, leaving the face softer and more pliable. You can now begin your new nightly beauty regimen and sleep on possibly the softest pillowcase in the world. Rest assured you will awaken refreshed and radiant.