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Thanks to Wendy from Virginia for our newest testimonial:

I ran across this site on a beauty web site. There was quite a talk about this pillow case, so I decided to check it out. I was skeptical as I’m sure many were. I have or should I say (had) several wrinkles around my eyes and forhead, I’M AMAZED my wrinkles look so much better, and it looks like some are even diminished? I’m still not sure how this works, BUT it WORKS!!! I have very dry skin and I use lots and lots of creams day and night just to keep my face looking like it has some moisture! Since using this pillow case, I don’t have to use near as much creams on my face and my face looks great. My Husband NEVER gives compliments easy, and he looked at me and said you look really good today :-) and asked me if I had tried another anti-aging cream? I just simply told him no! He looks at me now with a glow and my hair looks fantastic also. I have fine hair and not alot of it but it’s past my shoulders and it was dry, dull and looked aweful! It has put moisture back into my hair and I have a shine now! Again I don’t understand how it’s possable a pillow case can do so much! I only know that it works for me. Thank you so much!!! Wendy Chesapeake, VA