DreamSkin’s Wrinkle Preventing Pillowcase is now available in Hammacher Schlemmer catalog.

Source: Daily Times

A Canadian firm has given new meaning to the phrase ‘beauty sleep’ by creating a pillowcase, which is being touted as the latest way to keep wrinkles at bay, Daily Mail reports. The $40 cloth cover – which comes with a lifetime guarantee – is said to hydrate the face and prevent lines while you sleep. And unlike a normal cotton pillowcase, which apparently sucks moisture from the skin, the Wrinkle Preventing Pillowcase’s special blend of ‘hydrophobic fibres’ keeps the complexion hydrated all night.

The pillowcase was developed by a dermatologist and contains no creams or chemicals.

According to its description online, a traditional cotton case has a ‘rough surface’ that ‘siphons moisture’ away, leaving the face dry and dull.

But the wrinkle preventing version is ‘therapeutic and extra-smooth’, redirecting moisture back into the skin for a more vibrant, healthier-looking appearance in the morning.

They say the machine washable silky pillowcase also helps skin stay smooth, thanks to its 22,000 densely woven micro-filaments that prevent friction and remain taut.

They thwart the bunching and pressure that cause standard cases to inscribe sleep lines, ‘which can develop into permanent wrinkles’.